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We are DevOP and system experts in many special fields and can also cover niche topics

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Our vision and mission

Everybody should have the possibility to build a sophisticated and state of the art infrastructure and IT product. To fulfil this, often a rather big and expensive team is needed and the main workload will not occur gradually over a project or the lifecycle of an office/development. For example, you will need a lot of environment setup in the begin of project and at the end for releasing something, but in the dev cycles the DevOP and system engineering workload will be reduced. This is also the case for big deployments like (branch) offices and product deployments, where the architecture at the begin is crucial for a proper long-term lifecycle of the project/product and later it can be maintained much easier by less engineers/developers.

We found the problem that it is hard for small-middle sized companies and DEV teams to hire fulltime system and DevOP engineers and have enough work for them constantly. Often some edge cases and problems appear (like complex network/security requirements) where you need experts for a couple of hours to solve it, but you are not in the position to hire somebody.

This is exactly where Euprog will help you. We are a team of experts and specialists and will act as your special task force whenever you need us.

Some examples from the real life

✔  Your development is running out of time bevor the deadline and you need additional resources to get back on track

✔  Your development should/cannot focus on system engineering/DevOp/QA tasks (lack of time/knowledge or even cost factors), but you need to setup CI/CD, Git, Server environments, networking and secure access to everything

✔  Your project is stuck and you need a technical project manager to get the team back on track

✔  You plan one-time missions, like building up the complete infrastructure of a new office and do not want to hire / assign somebody internal for the time restricted task

Ways to scale your business with us

DevOP expert service

“I have a dev team and I am looking for CI/CD, proper infrastructure setups, development support/acceleration”


“I have an application or service and need proper data for business decisions, reliability and cost optimization”

Infrastructure and IT architecture

I have an office/environment and I want to use advanced, state of the art IT to get the best out of my team”

Our network is special

We are an international team of freelancers and employees. The team stands of DevOPs, system engineers and architects including many more positions with our partner companies. Our goals are quality and productivity. We can achieve this goal through remote working, flexible working hours and with a friendly atmosphere.

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Our tech-stack

We mainly focus on reliable quality state of the art infrastructure technology, which also scales perfectly to your constantly growing and changing business. No matter if it is cloud native, hybrid or on prem.

Networking/Firewalling | Linux | Windows | Docker + K8s | Git + CI/CD | Prometheus + Grafana | AWS + Azure and local Vienna based cloud native tech providers

Our clients praise us for great results

Euprog company presents itself as a highly competent partner for individualized solutions. The exceptional understanding of processes and workflows by our developers enabled us to set up a user-friendly platform for a fast and efficient data exchange with our customers. Euprog strives to always respond to customer issues without delay, in a goal-oriented manner, and to develop solution proposals promptly. Euprog nourishes a friendly environment in their workplace and encourage transparent communication among employees, who are also exceptional at explaining complex processes in a simplified and understandable way.

Matthäus Koprivnikar


EUPROG has proven to be a reliable partner in all IT areas. The custom-made solutions for individual problems, optimization of work processes, planning and implementation of infrastructures and consulting for start-ups are all guaranteed by the EUPROG development team – with a well-structured and friendly approach. Even the complex and sensitive IT topics are presented in a simplified form, with full transparency. A definite must for our future projects!

Florian Chytilek

CTO, FasTest GmbH

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